Program Management

Let us help plan and manage recovery solutions.

With any progressive focused program, success is based on understanding the need, anticipating potential obstacles, execution of the plan, and being nimble and able to adapt as circumstances dictate. MCS’ measured approach and learned methodology provides us with the framework to develop a recovery solution that is best for each situation.

MCS has honed our business acumen through years of strategic planning and developing recovery solutions based on our client’s needs.

MCS can provide your community with:

  • Program Management and Development
  • Mitigation and Emergency Services
  • Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Data Management
  • IT Solutions
  • Human Capital
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

MCS can scale up or down to meet your needs with seasoned professionals, years of project management experience, and demonstrated leadership with community development programs. Our approach for creating the right program for your community combines organizational and subject matter expertise. We utilize predictive modeling, technology, analytics, and past program experience to create a unique plan tailored to your specific needs.

HUD Services Offered:

  • Grant Writing
  • Prime Contracting
  • Subprime Contracting
  • Community Development Block Grant
    • IT Solutions
    • Human Capital
    • Disaster Recovery Solutions